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Glucometers You Can Get For Free

Glucometer is a pseudonym of glucose meter or glucose monitor - an electronic device for diabetes patients that measures glucose level in blood.
Today the glucose meter is a must-have tool for preventing hypoglycemia and successful diabetes management.
The meter uses special glucometer test strips to perform tests. One strip for each test is necessary. Every glucometer brand (or even model in range) uses its own type of strips. While there're many glucometers on the self-monitoring blood glucose market, the most known and advanced are majors such as Bayer HealthCare with its Contour glucometer family, Roche's Accu Check glucometer family, Abbott Laboratories with well-known FreeStyle glucometer brand, and LifeScan's OneTouch.

There're laws in the USA that expand health coverage regarding diabetes. So if diabetes patient have insurance, then he/she can get free glucometer and free diabetic supplies.

As one of the trusted providers of products and supplies for diabetics, we offer a free diabetes meter to qualified individuals. You can use your free glucometer to monitor your blood glucose levels, helping you to manage your diabetes more easily. Follow the links on the site to order a free diabetes meter!
Also you'll find glucometers user guides in PDF format.

Roche's Aviva Expert meter


Breeze 2 meter
Bayer's Contour Next free glucometer MORE...
 Accu-Chek Mobile meter FREESTYLE
 Contour glucose meter

Methods to get free glucometer

It's possible to get free glucometer coupon or discount by filling form on the manufacturer's or mail order company's website. In most cases the cost of the meter is covered by health insurance company (Medicare). It's prefferable method of getting free glucometer.
Another is totally free or discounted meter when diabetic buys certain amount of test strips. In this case free glucose meter is a form of discount for buying "wholesale" amount of test strips.

1. Ordering free glucometers by using manufacturers websites

Free Bayer glucose meter can be offered by filling the form on Bayer Contour website.

2. Getting free glucose meter by mail order companies

Free Freestyle glucose meter by joining the FreeStyle Promise Program on

Millions of Americans suffering from diabetes, may qualify to get a free glucometer (glucose meter or glucose monitor) and diabetic supplies at little or no cost from mail-order companies like Diabetic Connect Care Services.

In such cases Medicare and most private insurance companies will compensate diabetic supplies. Mail-order company's partners work with diabetic and his/her insurance to help in getting insurance and to get diabetic supplies for a small cost or totally free. So diabetic won't be bothered with confusing insurance claim forms. Diabetic supplies will be delivered directly to the door as they are needed and without delivery charge.

In many cases these mail-order companies offer not only glucometers, but a complete line of products for diabetes management, including meters, test strips, lancets, lancing devices, control solution, insulin, syringes and insulin pump supplies.