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Non-USA member of the Accu Check glucometer family : Performa Nano

Accu-Check Performa Nano is the same member of the Accu Check glucometer family as very similar Accu-Chek Nano, but it's distributed on some non-USA markets (the same story as Accu-Chek Aviva Nano). Both glucometers have the same design and features, but some difference in software.

Model Features
  Accu Check glucometer Performa Nano

  • Pre- & Post-Meal Markers help patterns tracking.
  • Reminder alarms.
  • Results in 5 seconds.
  • Small (0.6 µL) blood sample.
  • 500 test results memory with time and date, downloadable.
  • No coding required.
  • Small, sleek design.
  • Brightest, large, backlit LCD-display.
  • Fast-fill, easy to handle strip.
  • Infrared link to download data to PC.
  • Automatic Power: 90 seconds
    (Auto On with strip insertion;
    Auto Off in 2
    minutes if glucometer not used)
  • Alternate sites testing (fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf).
  • Operating Conditions: 6°C - 44°C

The Accu Check glucometer model called Performa Nano allows diabetics to test in half the steps, with lancets included in a pre-loaded drum. The Nano glucometer takes a very small blood sample. Its on-board computer can return averages (7, 14, 30 and 90 day), produce meal markers and set 4 customisable test reminder alarms. Post-meal Reminder reminds user to test 1 or 2 hours after marking a pre-meal result. Out-of-range temperature lockout prevents user from performing a test when the system is out of the normal operating temperature range of 6°C to 44°C (43°F to 111°F).

The glucometer has hypo indicator, general marker and auto control ID. Large brilliant backlit display is perfect for testing in low-light conditions.
This Accu Check glucometer comes with data management software such as Accu-Check Smart Pix and Accu-Check 360° Diabetes Management System.

Accu Check glucometer summary
Dimensions 43 x 69 x 20 mm
Weight 40 g. with batteries
Battery Two 3-volt Lithium (Type CR2032)
Life: 1000 tests approximately
Accu-Chek offers free replacement
Test strips AccuCheck Performa
Manual Download Accu Check glucometer manual
Previous model -
Replacement products AccuCheck Performa test strips
AccuCheck Smartview control solution
AccuCheck FastClix lancing device
Microlet lancets
Medicare coverage YES, Part B
Available for Free? YES. Get free Accu-Check glucometer
Synonyms Accu-Chek Nano

How to use Accu-Check glucometer (Performa Nano)

  1. First, thoroughly wash hands with warm water and dry them well.
  2. Put a test strip into the glucometer, and verify that the code number displayed on the screen matches the code number on a test strip container.
  3. Both a test strip and flashing blood drop symbol will appear on the glucometer's display.
  4. With Accu-Chek SoftClix or Accu-Chek MultiClix lancing device, lance the side of a fingertip (or alternate site if appropriate). Squeeze the fingertip gently to produce a small  drop of blood.
  5. Touch the drop to the tip of the yellow end of the test strip (not on a top of the strip or window). A flashing hourglass symbol and a "beep" sound indicate that enough blood has been applied. If necessary, more blood can be applied within 5 seconds. The result will appear on the display.

The Accu-Check Performa Nano glucometer can be used for testing on alternate sites. It requires the use of a special lancing cap. Consult your doctor to see if alternate site testing is suitable for you.

Accu-Check Performa Nano System includes in its package:

  • Two batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • Owner’s Booklet
  • Accu-Check Performa test strips
  • Accu-Chek Performa Control Solutions
  • Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing device
  • Clear cap for alternate site testing (AST)

Possible mistypes: Accu Check Performa Nano; Accucheck Performa Nano glucometer