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Bayer glucose meter family review

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Breeze 2 glucometerContourContour (old styled)

Bayer is known very well for its Breeze and Breeze 2 glucometers, that use easy-to-load Autodisc, loaded with 10 test strips. Last brand of the meters is called Contour and it counts 7 models today.

  • Contour (first "child" in Bayer glucose meter family)
  • Contour TS (low cost test strips)
  • Contour USB
  • Contour Link (wireless communication with Medtronic)
  • Contour Next
  • Contour Next USB  (Bayer glucose meter with USB port)
  • Contour Next EZ (next generation accuracy)
  • Contour Next Link (wireless communication with Medtronic)

All of these intuitive meters are simple and deliver exceptional accuracy. Contour glucometer is a high quality device, produced by world famous company.

The next step in Contour glucometer device development is Contour Next meter. All Contour Next meters offer the same easy-to-use features as Second-ChanceTM sampling, No CodingTM technology, 5-second testing time and 0.6 μL blood sample. All Bayer Contour Next meters use the same test strip.

Contour TS is a smallest and most economical member in Bayer glucose meters family. It has less memory and requires 8 seconds for test, but uses much cheaper Contour TS strips. This Bayer glucometer has been discontinued, but manufacturer continues its support.

Another Bayer glucose meter brand is A1CNow, that provides Lab-accurate results in 5 minutes and 2-3 month indication of average blood glucose level. This Bayer glucometer is discontinued for now, but company continues its service support.

Medicare covers Bayer glucose meter and diabetes testing supplies if patient recieves Medicare Part B benefits. He/she can be reimbursed for most of costs. This applies to all patients, no matter whether or not they use insulin.
Medicare covers all Bayer glucose meter and testing supplies that are in the list above.

About Bayer Medical Care

Bayer Medical Care division produces glucose monitoring systems such as the single-strip Contour glucometer, the multi-strip Breeze device and the Contour USB meter, which features integrated diabetes management software and direct plug-in to computers. By the way, the very first portable Bayer glucose meter was introduced in 1969.

Also Bayer makes contrast agents, injection systems for diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. USA headquarter is in Whippany, New Jersey.

Being among the top companies in the market for blood glucose monitoring devices, Bayer is the world’s leading supplier of contrast agent injection systems for diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures in computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and molecular imaging, and of mechanical systems for removing thrombi from blood vessels. They also offer service products for these systems. To strengthen position among the leading companies in the field of innovative, high-quality diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures, Bayer combines diagnostic imaging business, formerly part of the Pharmaceuticals segment, and medical equipment business to form a new Radiology and Interventional business unit. Examples from Bayer's portfolio of contrast agents used in diagnostic imaging are Ultravist™, Magnevist™ and Gadovist™/ Gadavist™. The products are marketed to cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in hospitals and out-patient clinical sites through a global direct sales organization, supplemented in some cases by local distributors.

Bayer glucose meter

The Medical Care Division offers blood glucose monitoring devices Outside Europe. These products are generally sold to consumers through pharmacies, drugstores, mass merchants, hospitals or wholesalers. In Europe, they are sold mainly through pharmacies.