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Dario - iPhone glucometer adapter from Israel

DarioDario is a new glucometer system developed by LabStyle Innovation, Israel. This device combines the best of iBGStar and Mendor - others newly developed smartphone-2-glucometer adapters.

The Dario is a glucometer adapter that turns a smartphone (and/or iPhone, of course) into a blood glucose meter. This unique product is an integrated unit that includes a basic adapter designed to connect to the audio jack of a smartphone. When the adapter is connected, a measurement results are transmitted to the smartphone, turning the iPhone into a glucose monitor. The Dario has a built-in lancing device loaded with disposable lancets and an integrated cartridge holding and dispensing 25 test strips. They call it All-in-One Smart Meter.

iPhone glucometer adapter

The new iPhone glucometer adapter was created in order to implement a new patent pending technology that seeks to bring laboratory testing capabilities to consumers through smartphones in an easy, friendly and inexpensive way. It turns a smartphone into a diabetes management system. Since the fundamental way of self-monitoring blood glucose has not really changed in more than 30 years, Dario can make a big difference in diabetes care.

This device is very small. It has the size of a cigarette lighter, including the strips and lancets! It's compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone 5, iPads and Android-based gadgets. The iPhone glucometer adapter has no battery and gets its power from the smartphone. Collected tests results are transmitted to the smartphone for capturing by free software, which combines an app and cloud-based services for remote access to the data. The user experience is improved on domains - look and feel of the software, the design of the hardware and interactions with patients on the website. It is an online database that stores glucose testing data, analyzes it and enables a variety of ways for reports creating. The app combines features and functions that are unique and advanced - both the automatic loading of the results and a local food database and smart search function for easy data capturing and calculation of the carb intake. It includes an insulin calculator, advanced reporting and data sharing tools. The data is replicated over the web for remote access and backups.

The idea behind Dario is to make the most well designed and most patient focused hardware and data management system on the market. So, it's focused on the user experience - the look and feel and functionality of the software is by no means less than gorgeous. The mobile app enables effective blood sugar management by allowing user to log food consumption, glucose levels, medication and physical activity. These inputs can assist in personalization of insulin recommendation. iPhone glucometer adapter also allows caregivers to obtain information and communicate with patients very easy, with only a click. There are apps for iPhones and Android phones.

One of the most exciting things about this iPhone glucometer adapter is not the device itself, but the fact that it may create a new source for research. The Dario model will quickly create the largest diabetes database, to be available for clinical research and epidemiology studies of the distribution and patterns of diabetes characteristics.

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