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Continuous glucose monitoring system

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM is the newest generation continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) that may work with other companies' pumps (Roche's Accu-Chek, Tandem T:Slim and Insulet's Omnipod). Continuous glucose monitoring system

Advantages over previous Dexcom's Seven Plus system:
  • Smaller sensor and longer range (the wire is the width of a human hair) that can transmit data to the receiver much further than the current version — presumably up to 20 feet, which may eliminate the frustration of getting an "out-of-range" indicator when you walk halfway across the room. (4 times the claimed distance for the Seven Plus; may work up to 50 feet in open space).
  • Better accuracy. 19% overall improvement over the Seven Plus system, and an even better 30% percent improvement in the hypoglycemic range, defined as 70 mg/dl and below.
  • New data management software system Dexcom Studio, which appears to be a big improvement over the previous version. The software also works with the Seven Plus continuous glucose monitoring system, but it's not MacOS-compatible. The Studio was influenced by Sweet Spot, a data management company that Dexcom acquired earlier. Sweet Spot will be the ones to eventually help Mac users. Future generations are going to be cloud-based, which will make it easier to see data, but they still need to figure out how people with Macs can get their numbers into the system to begin with.
  • Customizable alarm tones and the ability to set “low” indicator at 55 mg/dl rather than the normal 70 mg/dl.
  • 7-day sensor life, with readings sent every 5 minutes.
  • Data display: The receiver of CGM has a color display and a sleek design in different colors (black, pink, blue). It also should be better in the rain (though it’s not waterproof, so don’t dunk your receiver in a toilet).

About Dexcom

Dexcom's mission is to empower people to take control of diabetes.
Approximately 26 million people in the USA are diabetics. Dexcom believes that without the data derived from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technologies, diabetes patients simply don't have the right tools to adequately manage their glucose levels. Dexcom's CGM platform provides a simple and effective tool to enable patients and their caregivers to implement proper therapies, manage their diabetes and improve their health.

In this time continuous glucose monitoring systems are not automatically covered by health insurance in the USA the same way as most other diabetic supplies are covered (e.g. standard glucose testing supplies, insulin, and even insulin pumps). However, an increasing number of insurance companies do cover supplies for continuous glucose monitoring system (both the receiver and disposable sensors) on a case-by-case basis if the patient and doctor show a specific need. The lack of insurance coverage is exacerbated by the fact that disposable sensors must be replaced frequently.