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Continuous glucose monitor system
Abbott’s new Navigator 2.0

The new Freestyle Navigator 2’s wireless receiver is 40% smaller than the original Navigator. It has an illuminated color display, which allows direct access to past, current and expected blood sugar trends. This continuous glucose monitor has an improved, easy to carry design. The Reciever recieves glucose level info from the Transmitter and displays it on the screen in 3 formats: numerical form, with an arrow showing direction, rate of change and as a line graph. Real time continuous glucose readings update on its display every minute - for instant access to information anywhere, night and day. Tru Directional Arrow on the display accurately projects glucose rate and direction of change.

The Reciever (Navigator 2.0 itself) also includes a built-in glucometer, which uses FreeStyle Lite test strips.

 Continuous glucose monitor  

Freestyle Navigator 2 Sensor

The blood sugar levels are measured once a minute and the value shown on the Navigator 2’s screen (the right part of display) is an average of the last ten one-minute measurements. The new Navigator 2, like the old one, also displays a trend arrow showing the direction in which blood sugar is heading.

The sensor of the Navigator 2.0 is smaller than the previous model, and works for up to 5 days, less than both the Dexcom G4 and the new Medtronic Enlite continuous glucose monitors. The sensor tail is inserted 5mm in to the skin and measures glucose in the interstitial fluid.

Other Navigator 2.0 advantages over the competing continuous glucose monitor systems (Dexcom and Medtronic) include: 

1) Needs only 5 calibrations in 5 days;
2) Only 1 hour of flying blind as opposed to 2 hours with Dexcom;
3) Much better accuracy;
4) Reliable predicted alarms based on high/low BG trends;
5) Best calibration using built-in meter to ensure accuracy in not fooling BG calibration and causing wrong continuous glucose monitoring values.

The Navigator 2.0’s transmitter has a 30 meter range which is almost 100 feet, meaning you can leave it in the next room and still stay in range. So you can enjoy a freedom from cables, wires and tubes. Improved transmitter is smaller, easy to wear design with discreet neutral colour, worn for up to 5 days on the back of the arm or the abdomen.

In addition to patients using the FreeStyle Navigator 2.0 alongside (or independently of) any insulin pump device, healthcare pros may use the  Navigator 2.0 with patients over short periods of time to identify what blood glucose variability takes place between finger stick measurements and to identify possible changes to therapy.

About Abbott Diabetes Care

Abbott Diabetes Care is developing products to reduce the discomfort and inconvenience of blood glucose monitoring; introducing systems that are easier to use, require less blood and provide faster results. Abbott Diabetes Care designs, develops and manufactures several leading-edge glucose monitoring systems and test strips for use in both home and hospital settings. Among its leading brands are the Precision Xceed Pro, FreeStyle Navigator continuous glucose monitor system, FreeStyle Lite, the FreeStyle Freedom Lite and the FreeStyle Optium systems.