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Bayer Breeze 2 meter [ Strip-Free ]

Bayer's Breeze 2 glucose meter is a replacement of discontinued Breeze device. Breeze 2 is very similar by design, but much advanced and faster.

Model Features
  Bayer Breeze 2 meter

  • 10-Test Disc allows not to handle individual test strips.
  • Inaccurate results elimination by using No Coding™ technology.
  • 5 seconds results.
  • 1.0 µL blood sample.
  • 420 test results memory with date and time downloadable.
  • Alternative site testing.
  • No cleaning required.
  • Ease-Of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.
  • Available in different color versions.

Bayer Breeze 2 meter is developed for simple and easy testing. It has a comfortable shape and simple single-function buttons. Breeze 2 meter uses a unique, easy-to-load 10-Test Disc. It means that diabetic loads 10 strips at once. No need to handle individual strips (while single-foil strips also available). No Coding technology ensures easy accuracy every time.
Sip-in Sampling technology means that you need just a very small blood drop because the test strip automatically draws the blood right on the strip.

As many of todays glucometers, Breeze 2 stores test results in its memory and downloads them to PC or Mac using Bayer's GLUCOFACTS DELUXE software. Offering 7, 14 and 30 day testing averages, it allows simple and flexible diabetes data management.

Breeze 2 summary
Dimensions 108 x 95 x 25 mm
Weight 102.1g
Battery 3V Lithium (1) CR2032
Life: 1000 tests
Bayer offers free replacement for Breeze 2 meter
Test strips Breeze 2 10-test disc
Manual Download Bayer Breeze 2 meter manual
Previous model Breeze
Replacement products Breeze2 test strips discs
Breeze2 control solution
Microlet 2 lancing device
Microlet Vaculence lancing device
Microlet lancets
Medicare coverage YES, Part B
Available for Free? YES. Get free Bayer Breeze 2 meter
$5 Off glucose meter coupon
Synonyms BREEZE2, Ascensia Breeze 2

Bayer BREEZE 2 meter makes the process of testing your blood glucose easier. Just load the disc and you're ready to test 10 times:

  1. Open meter, insert 10-Test Disc, close meter.
  2. Pull and push the blue end tab to expose test strip.
  3. Apply sample and take reading.

Take care when loading the disc! Ensure that you get the orientation right or you will waste one or more of the strips in the process. Once you do it right, it is easy to repeat the process next time by paying attention to the orientation of the used one you are removing.

Some Facts

  • 94% of BREEZE 2 meter users like the 10-Test Disc because they do not have to handle individual strips.
  • 92% of BREEZE 2 meter users are very satisfied with the BREEZE 2 meter.
  • Each disc holds 10 test strips which are individually foil wrapped, so there is less chance of dropping or losing test strips.

A complete glucometer system includes monitor, a bottle of control solution, two 10-piece test-strip discs, a lancing device and lancets, a daily log book, carrying case, and complete instructions for the use of everything.