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New glucometer systems on US market in 2013

A number of innovative diabetes products were introduced to the market in 2012. The list includes a number of new glucometers.

  1. Insulet’s Next-Generation OmniPod System is comprised of a smaller pod and an updated personal diabetes manager (PDM).
  2. Abbott’s FreeStyle InsuLinx System - the first touch screen glucometer.
  3. OneTouch Verio IQ - the first glucometer that searches for and alerts about high or low blood glucose patterns.
  4. Sanofi’s iBGStar - the first iPhone/iPad basic adapter that turns it to a glucometer.
  5. Labstyle Innovations' Dario - a basic adapter that turns almost any smartphone into a blood glucose meter.
  6. Dexcom G4 - the long anticipated improved continuous glucose monitor system (CGM).

Seems that some of these diabetes products will be approved in 2013 and will soon after be available in the USA.


Next-Generation OmniPod

Insulet’s Next-Generation OmniPod System is comprised of a smaller pod and an updated personal diabetes manager (PDM). The new OmniPod insulin pump is 34% smaller, 25% lighter and 16% slimmer than the original model, while maintaining the same 200-unit insulin reservoir capacity and easy-to-use features.


Slimness is the greatest advantage of this new pod. It also has a new pink slide insert, which is visible through its top, and helps to verify that the cannula has deployed.

The new personal diabetes manager has some enhanced functionalities, designed to improve the existing system. The PDM status screen shows the details about current insulin on board (IOB). Correction and meal boluses are used to calculate IOB when the suggested bolus calculator is on. Another improvement in the next-generation OmniPod is the increased (up to 5 ft) communication distance between the PDM and pod during regular use.

Animas Vibe

Johnson&Johnson’s CGM-enabled Animas Vibe, has been available out side the U.S. since 2011, first using the old Dexcom 7 sensor and now available with the new Dexcom G4.

Animas Vibe CGM system
Animas Vibe with Dexcom G4 Sensor is now available in the UK.

This new glucometer system is an insulin pump combining state-of-the-art Dexcom G4 sensing technology with all the features of the Animas pump. The Vibe is durable and waterproof and has a color screen which, like the Dexcom G4, shows where glucose is headed and how fast using color trend arrows and lines. The color-coded trend lines indicate that glucose levels are low, high, or within the target range relative to the setted low and high alerts. Diabetic can also customize alerts to tell when it's going high or low. The Vibe has a non-adjustable hypo safety alert set at 55 mg/dl.


CellnovoThe Cellnovo mobile diabetes management system contains two parts – handset and pump.

The slim, discreet patch pump has no buttons or a physical connection to a control unit and allows its user to choose where and how to wear it.

The pump is rechargeable and each system comes with two pumps and a recharging station so that there is always a Cellnovo pump primed and ready. The user can choose to have long or very short infusion tubes, allowing the infusion site to be somewhere other than where the pump is worn.

With its color touch screen, the handset is looking like a smartphone. The pump is controlled wirelessly. It also has a built-in blood glucose monitor and a mobile data connection to the Cellnovo web portal. Mobile connectivity ensures that real-time information is available anytime and anywhere for patients, family and clinicians.

The handset runs a series of apps to help the diabetic keep track of diet, insulin, blood glucose and exercise. Physical activity is even recorded automatically from a sensor in the pump.