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Abbott's FreeStyle Lite glucometer

This glucose meter is a new member of the big Freestyle family, which members are often called as "no pain glucometer". The model supports No coding technology, making testing quicker and simpler. Freestyle Lite glucometer has larger, more contrasted display with backlight and a test strip port light for on-the-go testing - even in low light. The meter is so small that easily fits in the purse.

Model Features
FreeStyle Lite glucometer by Abbott 
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  • Small and simple in using.
  • 0.3 µL blood sample means testing without pain.
  • 5-second result.
  • Alternative site testing. 
  • No coding required.
  • 400 test results memory with time, date, 7-14-30 day averages.
  • Measures data downloadable to PC.
  • Backlight display and test strip port light.
  • 4 programmable reminder alarms.
  • Automatic shutoff after 2 minutes of inactivity.
  • FreeStyle Lite test strips only!
  • Comes with a nifty little black purse.
  • FreeStyle Lite system's glucose range is 20-500 mg/dL.
  • Personalizing glucometer with Skinit Decorative Meter Skins.

FreeStyle Lite glucose meter combains accuracy with simplicity and painless testing. The front of the FreeStyle Lite glucometer has a test port, LCD panel and three buttons. The button labelled m is used for mode settings. The C button is used to mark a control solution test, scrolling and clock displaying. The middle button is used to control the display backlight and strips port light.

The meter turns on automatically when the test strip is inserted. It beeps when there is enough blood for the test. Also the meter has a rubber grip to prevent slipping on surfaces. Its memory data can be downloaded to PC with free CoPilot software installed.
The FreeStyle Lite glucometer is only compatible with FreeStyle Lite test strips.

The FreeStyle Lite System is capable for alternate sites testing which means taking sample from the forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf, hand or fingers. Freestyle Lite glucometer has four optional programmable reminder alarms, that are designed to turn on daily. There are three sound settings for each alarm - low,  high, off.

FreeStyle Lite summary
Dimensions 74 x 40 x 17 mm
Weight 31.2 g (with battery)
Battery 3V Lithium (1) CR2032
Life: 500 tests
Test strips FreeStyle Lite test strips
Manual Download FreeStyle Lite manual
Previous models FreeStyle, Freestyle Flash,
FreeStyle Mini, FreeStyle Freedom
Replacement products FreeStyle Lite test strips
FreeStyle control solution
FreeStyle lancing device, lancets
Medicare coverage YES, Part B
Available for Free? YES.
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Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit contains in its box:
The meter itself, battery, 10 lancets, 10 test strips, lancing device, control solution, carrying case, logbook, quick reference guide and instructions, warranty card. It may differ depending on seller. There are cheaper meters on the market, but they are not in a kit, without strips, lancets etc.
In order to upload data from the meter to the PC with CoPilot software,
USB and serial data cables are needed. They are sold separately for FreeStyle systems.

Possible mistypes: Freestyle Light